About Us

E-needz is an online shopping mall where customers can purchase a wide range of legal products. In E-needz hundreds and thousands of sellers are promoting their products where customers can get their desired products with the minimum price in the market.

E-needz Limited is a registered private limited company under the relevant company Act 1994, also a proud member of the E-commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-Cab). Member ID: 1419

The main goal of E-needz to attract customers to online purchasing by providing them unlimited offers and top-class services to change the concept of online shopping. We are onboarding all the brands and quality entrepreneurs in our platform as our honorable merchants where they will have their own login and dashboard (Merchant zone) to upload and decide the price of their products, E-needz will only verify and approve after the inspection of the price and the quality. E-needz has a goal to gather thousands of regular customers by providing the best price, offer, and service within a short time. By doing so, E-needz will contribute to the goal of digital Bangladesh. We all familiar with the concept “Customer is King” but no one is thinking about the seller and small entrepreneurs, in E-needz we will be focusing not only on our customers but also on our sellers by providing them the best service and assurance of on-time payment.

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